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68005 dentist
68005 dentist

That all too familiar twinge that announces a toothache is among the worst feelings you can have. And when you do, turn to us at the office of Bellevue Family Practice Dentistry. Many solutions for a toothache are simple and effective, with little or even no pain at all. And a toothache, regardless of the reason behind it, can only get worse if you delay taking action.

Essentially, the vast majority of toothaches occur when the natural protective layers of the tooth become compromised. This means that the nerve inside is exposed. And if bacteria is able to find its way inside, an infection can follow. Tooth decay is responsible for many toothaches. It erodes your tooth enamel, and the cavities that follow can grow large enough to leave the inner tooth vulnerable. Our 68005 dentist will place a filling in the tooth, though no filling will last forever. When an older filling loosens and/or falls out, the nerve and pulp are likewise vulnerable as when the original cavity developed. Fortunately, replacing a filling is not a difficult task. Not all toothaches are due to decay, however. Accidents happen and that means that a tooth may become chipped or cracked. The danger to your tooth is the same as with a cavity, but the remedy is different. Our 68005 dentist will take impressions for a crown to be made. It will be cemented to the damaged tooth and restore it so that there is no longer a breach of the protective barrier. While the dental lab is making a permanent crown, a temporary one will be fitted. If infection does set in, root canal is required. But that is not the end of the world. Modern methods and equipment have made it a comfortable experience.

Come see our 68005 dentist promptly when you have a toothache. Call our office to arrange an appointment.

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