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Bellevue Family Dentist

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Dental Care for All Ages in Bellevue

From toddlers to great grandparents, all are welcome here at Bellevue Family Practice Dentistry. It’s certainly more convenient and streamlined for you to have just one dental office where you, your kids, and everyone in your household can go for outstanding oral care. But there’s more than that for us. It’s also about offering individualized and tailored treatment plans because our valued patients are more than just members of an age group. You are a unique person, and you will be treated as such.

Among the variations in the way our Bellevue family dentist will approach your dental care, one thing remains true for all of our patients, regardless of age or other factors, which is that everyone should come in two times per year for a complete examination and teeth cleaning. It’s proactive, getting out ahead of potential issues such as cavities and gum disease. Digital radiography also benefits those of all ages. There is far less exposure to radiation than with traditional x-rays. Furthermore, our Bellevue family dentist gets more detailed and vivid images so that problems can be identified at an early stage. Prompt care is closely linked to the best results, of course. Our office provides a full range of services, and we do understand that kids, teens, adults, and seniors may all have concerns that are more specific to them than to other age groups. Our attentive care includes everything that you, your kids, and your entire family need, from restorations to cosmetic care; from root canals and extractions to orthodontics and emergency treatment.

We look forward to contributing to the oral well-being of your entire family. You can schedule a visit for yourself or a loved one to see our Bellevue family dentist by either calling our office or using the convenient appointments button at the top of our website.

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